Thursday, 22 February 2018

Things you can do to Maintain your Vaginal Health

Things you can do to Maintain your Vaginal Health

When we talk about the vaginal health of our body, we generally don’t think about the health of our vagina. But we should, as every part of our body is preciously gifted by the Mother Nature. Practicing good vaginal health means less risk of getting infected and obviously a better sex life due to increased confidence.

What exactly should we do to keep our vagina happy and healthy? Well, you need to follow some tips from the expert. Here in this blog, the Best Sexologist Doctor in Noida is going to share the things, which you can do to maintain your vaginal health.

1.      Never wash your vagina
A vagina is a self cleaning organ in our body. It has good bacteria called lactobacilli, which make the vaginal acid, so that bugs can’t grow to produce substance that are toxic to the virus. Never ever wash your Vulva with any soup, else you can wash your vagina once a day with warm water.

2.      Never over trim your pubic hair
Trimming your pubic hair in the sensible way is normal, but over shaving and waxing can result in ingrown hair, which can be itchy and upset the pH balance of your vaginal skin. Hair is there to keep your area moisturized, protected and happy. So, leave at least a bit of hair, particularly on the labia to keep things healthy and protected.

3.      Practice safe sex to keep virus and bacteria away
If you want to keep yourself protected from virus and bacteria, then it is essential to practice safe sex. Always ask your partner to use condom to protect against STDs & pregnancy. There is nothing wrong in keeping a condom in your bag, just for the sake of your health.

4.      Wear cotton and comfortable underwear
Your vagina needs proper air to stay healthy, so when it comes to underwear selection, always opt for cotton. Cotton panties will help your vagina to breath and absorb moisture. Harmful bacteria production will be less, if you will wear cotton underwear. Make sure to change your underwear after swimming and workout, as the bacteria production increases due to sweat and moisture.

These are the four essential rules to follow, if you want to keep your vaginal health and want some confident during your sexual activity. For more info and query, consult Dr. P.K. Gupta, the best Sexologist Doctor in Noida.

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