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Killer tips to Make the Best Honeymoon sex ever!

Killer tips to Make the Best Honeymoon sex ever!

Accept the fact that, while planning your marriage, you are secretly more excited for your honeymoon. You are a bit nervous and excited for your first sexual experience. Honeymoons are basically sex holidays, where you spend much time in bed instead of exploring new places. There are various things that you need to keep in mind to worship each other bodies in the best manner.

Every couple has a lot of expectations for honeymoon because it is going to be the most wonderful holiday of the life of a couple. Here in this article, the best Sex Doctor in Delhi is going to share the best sex tips to make your honeymoon sex amazing. After months of all wedding stress, take following tips from the expert and have a blast on your honeymoon.

1.      Do a little experiment
Your honeymoon is going to be an extra romantic trip, if you will do a little experiment in the bed. Make sure to not to overdo or go crazy, as it will ruin the expectations of your partner. Try some vanilla flavored candles or flowers to make the environment more romantic. Try to make things smooth and romantic.

2.      Maintain a good sexual hygiene
Many men and women come with infection after the honeymoon and the reason behind this can be a bad sexual hygiene. So, it is essential for both men and women to keep a good sexual hygiene and take care of your body. Drink water as much as you can and urinate after each sexual intercourse. Women must carry your intimate wash to clean their vaginal area to avoid infections.

3.      Be a teaser
Everyone likes to be teased before sex no matter it is a man or a woman. So before having sex, tease your partner and seduce them. You can include the teasing during foreplay. Touching, when you are lying next to each other is the best thing you can do to seduce your partner. You can tease your partner throughout the day to make them crave for you.

4.      Try various positions
Honeymoon is the time to enjoy sex and make it the best. You can enjoy rubbing each other’s body in different sex positions. Make the ideal honeymoon sex by trying different sex positions. Missionary sex is best to start and if you have stamina, then you can stick to various sex positions. Also try doggy style & cowgirl position to enjoy the sex in the best way possible.

Shared in this article, are the best tips you can follow to keep your honeymoon sex amazing. If this is going to be your first sexual experience and you are a bit nervous, then you can seek the help of a sex therapist. The sex therapist will surely help you to get rid of feelings of fear and anxiety.

For the help of an expert, you can consult Dr. P.K. Gupta, a leading Sexologist Doctor in Delhi. He will surely give you the best consultation regarding your sex life.

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