Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Reasons for why Women Should initiate Sex

Reasons for why Women Should initiate Sex

To have a better and satisfactory sex in the relationship, both the partners should initiate sex. If a woman makes the physical intimacy her biggest priority, then there is more chance to have a deeper physical connection with the partner and also help you to have more romantic sex in the relationship. Initiating sex will excite both the partners for making an erotic love.

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Here are some reasons for why women should initiate sex.

1.      It strengthens your bond
Sex is about emotional connection, physical intimacy can make you feel more attached to your partner. This connectedness will help you to get greater satisfaction in the relationship. It also helps your body to release happy hormones and destress you. So, ladies, initiate sex to have a deeper emotional and physical bond with your husband.

2.      It affirms your husband
When you initiate sex, it will comfort and affirms your husband.  A affirmed husband is always a loving husband. He is so grateful for you, more loving, more caring towards you. It will help you to understand his sexual desires and needs.  So, it’s time to initiate sex.

3.      Your husband needs to know you are crazy about him
It is important for your husband to feel and know that he fulfills your every desire — emotionally and physically. He also must understand that the physical part of your relationship is not one sided. Your husband does not need to feel like he's always the one requesting, begging for sex. What your husband really needs is YOU.

So, these are the reasons for why women should initiate sex. By reading this blog, you’ll surely understand the reasons that helps you to enjoy more sex.  If you are facing any sexual issues, then you can consult Dr.P.K Gupta. Dr. P.K Gupta is the best sex doctor, you can meet him in his sex clinic in Delhi. You can consult him to have better sex in the relationship. 

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