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5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Orgasm That Every Woman Should Know

Enjoying sex is natural to every woman, but having orgasm during sex is uncommon for a lot of women. According to a study, orgasm is not caused by sexual intercourse only, but it is a result of clitoral stimulation indirectly by moving the clitoral skin. For women, it's not easy to arriving at sexual climax successfully.

5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Orgasm That Every Woman Should Know

It is well known that orgasm can make you feel great, but it also offers you a lot of health benefits. It is one of the greatest sensations that our body can experience. From mild to subtle, women can experience 11 different types of orgasm. Did you know there are actually a lot of benefits of having an orgasm? Here in this blog we are going to share the five benefits of having an orgasm. These benefits have been brought to you by the Best Sexologist Doctor in Noida.

1. Orgasm regulates menstruation
Orgasm sends blood to the organs in the pelvic area and this delivers all the important nutrients right where they count. The women, who orgasm once in a week have healthy menstruation cycle of 28 days. So, make sure to have sex thrice a week and read more and more tricks to climax, if you want to keep your menstrual cycle healthy and relieves pain during periods.

2. Orgasm makes you healthy
Orgasm can increase the DHEA hormone in females, which in result gives positive health benefits. It also improves memory and brain functions. Orgasm can also lower the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases plus you will get glowing skin forever. So have orgasms at least once in a week and stay healthy.

3. Increase sexual desire
Orgasm also helps women to increase sexual desire and the sex becomes a pleasure, not a duty. When women get an climax, they strive to have a satisfied sexual intercourse and this increases their desire to have sex. It relieves stress, headache and promotes better sleep in women.

4. Gives younger looking skin
You can really look better after having a satisfied sexual intercourse. A satisfied sexual life can actually help you look younger. Your mood gets better after an enjoying sexual intercourse and this relieves your stress. The flush of blood reaches your skin and makes you look rejuvenated and young forever.

5. Orgasm can make you happier
Beyond the short term pleasure associated with sex, orgasm can actually make a woman happy. It helps the women get rid of stress, depression and severe pain. So, girls have sex and enjoy the long term pleasure of climax.

I am glad to share the unexpected health benefits of orgasm for women. Hope you will try some new way to have better penetration and a healthier sexual life. If you want any kind of consultation or therapy regarding your sexual life, then you can consult Dr. P.K. Gupta. He is the Best Sexologist Doctor in Gurgaon, who can give you right consultation to enjoy a good sex life.

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