Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Myths and Facts Related to the Male Penis - Penis Enlargement Center

One of the greatest insecurities men feels all around the world is whether their dick sized enough to satisfy a lady. There are a small number of men who are satisfied with the size of their own penis. Actually, people are very less aware of their own dick. Here is the knowledge about dick on today's Blog.

In our society, dick anxiety is deeply ingrained. For men, it's tough to digest that they have a small dick length, as this questions their manhood. How much does the dick length matter and how much is the myth? To address the issue, a known doctor at the Penis Enlargement Center in Delhi put together a list of common myths and facts related to the penis and its health.

Myth #1: - The bigger the shoe, the bigger the penis size.
Fact: - It is truly a myth, as your shoe length has nothing to do with your dick size. The myth was debunked by two London based types of research done in 2002. They actually assembled 104 men and correlated their dick length and shoe size, but found no relevant relation between dick length and shoe size.

Myth #2: - Women are satisfied with a partner who has a bigger penis size.
Fact: - This misconception has placed in our mind, but is actually untrue because there is women feel more pleasure during sex with a person who has a dick with better girth instead of length. A bigger Dick may mean pain for a woman and will make sex painful instead of pleasurable. A large dick needs more preparation and carefulness. An average length dick size is enough to give a satisfied orgasm to a woman.

Myth #3: - Sex is all about penetration.
Fact: - Sex is not just about the penetration. Both souls have to indulge in sexual activity with love. Foreplay is the most important thing that you required to have a pleasurable sex. Penetration without indulging in foreplay will make difficult for the women to climax. Penetration is important, but clitoral stimulation is more important.

Myth #4: - You can better your penis size with pills and oil.
Fact: - You may have seen thousands of advertisements that claim to give you a better dick length with their products. They promise to enhance your manhood by some "magic pills" and "creams". If you have a Micropenis, then the only way to increase your dick size is through surgery. The length of your Micropenis can never change permanently without a surgery. You need to opt for a surgery in order to enhance your manhood.

Whom to consult to make penis bigger? One can consult Dr. P.K. Gupta and book an appointment at his penis enlargement clinic in Delhi. He is a leading doctor, who can fulfill your desire to have a bigger dick size with the right treatment. You can approach him for the surgery if you have a small dick size because surgery is the only option to enhance the length of the dick Dr. P.K. Gupta will give you effective and safe treatment. So, start your fruitful sexual life after getting the treatment at Dr. P.K Gupta's super specialty clinic.

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