Sunday, 26 November 2017

3 Less Known facts About Erectile Dysfunction - Best Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a serious sexual problem among males, as it affects them mentally as well as physically. Sex is the most important part of a relationship and problems like Erectile Dysfunction affect the sex life of a couple badly. For those who are unaware about ED, let me remind you, it is the problem in which a man finds himself unable to perform in bed because  of the inability to achieve erection firm enough to have a satisfied sexual life.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction have very low confidence because of their inability to perform well in bed. Here in this blog, you will know the 3 less known facts about erectile dysfunction.

1.      Cardiovascular problems are the common cause.
Erectile dysfunction often caused by poor blood flow to the penile portion of your body. Men who are suffering with cardiovascular problems may get the problem of erectile dysfunction. Radiation treatment of prostate cancer can also cause erectile dysfunction.

2.      Too much smoking and drinking can also cause ED.
Once in a while drinking and smoking with friends is okay, but if you are addicted to alcohol and are a chain smoker, then chances of having erectile dysfunction increase. Alcohol and nicotine badly affect your sperm count and quality of erection because the blood flow to the penis is blocked.

3.      Erectile dysfunction can occur in old age.
Erections occur when your mind is ready, blood flow is healthy and your body supports you and your hormone. So when you get older, your sex life can be affected due to various reasons. Age related health problems can be the reason behind erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

These are the three less known facts about erectile dysfunction that every man should know. If you are here, you are probably suffering from erectile dysfunction. If it is so, go consult the specialist for the best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India.

You can approach Dr. P.K. Gupta, the best sex specialist for the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Delhi. He will give you the right possible treatment for your problems. 

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