Thursday, 13 July 2017

What Women Think About During Sex? - Sexologist in Delhi

While having sex, some women’s body may be in sheets, but their minds can wander off to different places. During sex women think about a lot of things, but seem difficult to find what they are actually thinking. Some women are mostly not fully present during sex, but the reason is still unknown.

Here in this blog, we are describing the thought women get during sex.  Some women are presently absent during sex due to the lack of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. There can be lack of pleasure due to sexual problems like low libido, which require treatment. A woman can consult Sexologist in Delhi, for the treatment, if they are not satisfied with sex due to any reason. Apart from that, here are the things that women think about during sex.

  1. Am I even looking attractive? Hope he will ignore my flaws? Can he feel how fat I am?
  2. Do I smell bad or my mouth smells?
  3. Wow! He is really doing well, but does he really know what he is doing? Who taught him that?
  4. What should I prepare in the morning for me? Ummmmm…. Am I enjoying or not?
  5. Am I making an ugly face and sounds? Should I moan or not? Hope he will understand my pleasure?
  6. Hope the condom will not break, wait! Is he really wearing a condom?
  7. I am so hungry. I wish I could eat pizza now. It’s way better than having sex.
  8. What my BFF is doing right now? They may be having fun at the coffee house.
  9. I will start watching porn from the next time, may this will give me some tips to perform better.
  10. Why is he behaving like a dead fish after having sex? Does he really enjoy the sex?

So, these were the common things that a woman can think about during sex. Hope this article would help you to understand the mood of your girlfriend or wife. This article is brought to you by Dr. P.K. Gupta, the Best Sexologist in Delhi. He is a great sex therapist who can help you to get rid of sexual issues. 

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