Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Worst Kind of Sex Partners - Sexologist in Delhi

No one can deny the fact that sex is great. It is the normal and healthy part of life and it’s natural to want to more and more of it all the time with your partner. There are numbers of rules that you should follow to make sex interesting. Sex is a team work, if one does not perform well, sex will be ruined. 

Here are some people, who could not perform better during intercourse and they are the partners who are absolutely the worst to sleep with. With such partners, no one ever wants to have sex with. Here are the top 4, who should consult Sexologist in Delhi to make themselves perfect in the art of intercourse.

1.      The dead fish
If you have ever been with the person, who doesn’t respond during sex, you know the problem right away. Having sex with the person who don’t enthusiasm to enjoy sex can make you feel like you are having sex with the dead fish. Such people don’t know how to have sex.

2.      The selfish lover
There are some guys and girls who are selfish sex partners. A selfish lover can ruin the sexual activity because the fantasies and arousal of their partner don’t matter to them. They make loud voice during sex and did not indulge in foreplay. They can even make sex painful for you.

3.      The rough rider
There are some porn fans, which follow adult film sex and make sex rough as well as painful. In order to perform like porn stars, such people become a rough rider and end up having unsatisfied painful sex. Women can get poorly lubricated, if you will indulge in rough sex without foreplay. So, next time when you will plan sex, first indulge in foreplay and then perform.

4.      The unhygienic fellow
Trust me, girls doesn’t like to hang out with a person who is dirty. There are lots of people who don’t bath and are not very particular about their hygiene. So, don’t make your partner victim of your unhygienic health.

So these were the top 4 types of worst sex partners, who can ruin the sexual intercourse. If you are one of them, then try to sort out these problems. If you have any psychological issues with sex, then you can consult Dr. P.K. Gupta, the Best Sexologist in Delhi for the sex therapy. 

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