Thursday, 27 July 2017

Best Sexologist - Reasons Why Relationships Lose Sparks and How to Get it Back

Countless couples complain of losing ‘spark’ from their relationship due to a lot of reasons. Being in a romantic relationship for a lifetime is a tough deal. In this blog, we are going to share the reasons that can be the culprit of losing spark from your relationship. The Best sexologist in Delhi will help to know these reasons and treatment to get the spark back in the relationships.

Best sexologist in Delhi 

Here is the list of reasons why relationships lose the spark.

1.      Lack of honesty
True intimacy is all about being honest with each other. If you hold something from your partner and don’t share the truth and tell lies, then his dishonesty will ruin your relationship. You need to stay honest with each other and communicate deeply wherever you get the time.

2.      Lack of physical attraction
When we tend to form a fantasy for another person, automatically we start losing interest to that person, which we used to love. When we are less interested in the partner, we start losing attraction towards them and this lost the chemistry in the relationship.

3.      Going to bed at different times
Whatever the situation is, you and your partner go to be at different times. Women go to bed early due to fatigue and by the time their partner come to the bedroom, women are fast asleep. It is important to go to bed together and indulge in talks. Interaction is very important to keep the spark alive.

4.      Low libido
Both men and women start losing libido after a specific age. Women can experience low sex desire due to pregnancy, menopause, painful sex, post delivery, etc. and then they start ignoring sexual encounters. Men can also face low libido. The problem needs an instant cure in order to bring spark in a sexual relationship.

If you want to get rid of these issues, then take care of all these and spend time with your partner, as much as you can. You can discuss your concerns with Dr. P.K. Gupta, best sexologist doctor in Delhi and get the counseling to say good bye to relationship problems.  

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