Thursday, 5 April 2018

Signs Which tell that you are ready for sex

Having sex for the first time a big decision for the women. Losing your virginity is not your personal choice, as your body is required to be sexually ready. So, you should not take losing your virginity lightly. Your body should be ready to have sex and to know that, you need to follow what your body tells.

Here in this blog, the Best Sexologist in Gurgaon is going to share the signs, which tell that you are ready for sex. So, let’s check these signs below.

1.      Body feels ready emotionally
If you are ready for the sex, your body will tell you. You will feel emotionally ready for the sex. It is an emotional thing, so when you feel connected to each other, you will automatically develop a sense of intimacy towards each other. While having sex for the first time, you need to be well prepared emotionally.

2.      You have sexual desires
Do you feel sexually aroused when your partner touches you? If yes, then you are developing some sexual desires, which is an indication given by your body that you are ready to have sex. Many adults spend years to develop sexual desires towards each other, so if you develop them soon, then don’t wait, just choose to have it.

3.      You are ready to take sexual pain
If you are ready to feel the sexual pain, which you will surely get when you have sex for the first time, then you are probably ready for the sex. You are mature enough to understand what is going to happen while having sex for the first time with your partner.

These are the common indications, which your body gives you to have sex with your partner. If you are in a serious relationship and afraid of anything towards sex, then you can opt for the sexual therapy. You can take the best sex therapy at Dr. P.K. Gupta’s Super specialty clinic. He is the best sexologist doctor in Gurgaon, who will surely give you safe and effective treatment.

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