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Early Warning Signs of Erectile Dysfunction | ED Symptoms

A lot of people suffered with Erectile Dysfunction in India, due to a lot of causes. It is a serious sexual issue in which a man faces trouble getting or keeping an erection for a satisfied period of time. Erectile dysfunction isn’t life threatening, but that doesn’t mean it’s not serious because it can make a man feel depressed and less confident.

You must have prided yourself on being a man, who is prepared for any situation. You are always a step ahead, but when you suddenly find yourself unable to achieve and maintain an erection, you suddenly find yourself woefully unprepared because the condition affects your masculinity as well as your confidence. To make you people aware about the condition, today we are going to share some early warning signs of erectile dysfunctions, so that you can get Erectile dysfunction treatment in India at the right time.

Early Warning Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

·         Low libido often a warning sign of ED
Feeling less active for sex occasionally is quite common, but if you are rarely in mood, no matter how much your partner tries, then it could be an early warning sign that you may be developing Erectile dysfunction or impotence, which is a serious health condition that can affect your personal as well as sexual life. So, when you begin feeling like your mind is shutting off from sex, you must opt for some tests to diagnose for ED.

·         Pain during sexual intercourse often a warning sign of ED
Painful sex for men is not very common, but some people find that they experience pain during intercourse, especially before or during ejaculation. This can be the sign that you may be developing Erectile Dysfunction. There can be some medical, physical and mental causes that are controlling your ejaculation. This could also be due to physical damage or fracture on the penis and if not diagnosed, then this could progressively develop into ED.  

·         Problem getting and sustaining and erection is a proved warning sign of ED
If you can no longer get a firm erection or sustain it for a satisfied period of time during sex, then you must be developing erectile dysfunction. Erection problems could be an indication that you are having blood circulatory problems that are preventing blood from reaching your penis, hence causing the illness in your penis. If neither masturbation nor your partner stimulation gives you an erection, then you may be having an impotency.
Consult an expert, if you experience these early signs of erectile dysfunction or impotence. ED can be stopped before it developed by knowing the early signs and root of the problem. Ed can be caused by a variety of life choices that can all be changed.

Whom to consult?

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