Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Reasons Why Sex is Important in a Relationship

Reasons Why Sex is Important in a Relationship

Apart from reproduction sex is important in your life for many reasons. Sex can give you a passionate experience, if you share it with a meaningful partner. Sex is a mere means of pleasure for someone in a sexually active relationship. We all love talking about sex, even when we are not sexually active.

It is truly a universal form of pleasure, which everyone must try. It gives you a level of closeness and trust. There are still a lot of reasons that can elaborate why sex is important in a relationship. The Best Sex Specialist in Delhi is going to share these reasons below.

1.      Keeps the connection alive
Sex is something, which keeps two souls bind in a relationship. It is the only thing after trust and understanding, which keeps the connection alive between two people. It promotes intimacy and shows that you still have a quality time for each other.

2.      Keeps stress at bay
If you had a long hectic day in your office, then try to have sex in the night with your partner, as it will surely help you to get rid of stress and tension. An intense session of sex will keep you relaxed, strengthen your bond and bring a feel good factor in your relationship.

3.      Keeps your hormones balanced
We’ve mentioned that sex keeps the stress at bay and helps you dealing with tension, which automatically maintain a perfect hormonal balance. It will promote emotional stability by keeping your hormonal level well balanced.

4.      Keeps you healthy
You can actually burn a lot of calories in a half hour session of sex. So, if you want to stay fit then try exercises. You can add something sexual and seductive to burn an extra    18-30 calories per session.

If you guys have not had sex, then try to have it often. Sex is the best healthy thing you can ever have to keep your body healthy, says Dr. P.K. Gupta. To know more about sex and get a healthy sexual relationship, you can visit the Best Sex Clinic in Delhi

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