Friday, 13 October 2017

Reasons Why You Should See a Sex Therapist

A lot of people are dissatisfied with their sex lives. A dissatisfied sex life can cause problems in your personal as well as professional life. To make sexual life more romantic and satisfied, couples are choosing sex therapy. They choose an expert to sort out their problems they are having by themselves.

Many people find the idea of speaking to a complete stranger about a bit uncomfortable. But sexual therapy is actually highly effective, when it comes to treating sexual problems. An expert counselor will talk you to understand your problems and suggest you therapy according to your condition. However, you would have to share some of your most intimate details with the therapist, but it is normal, as they handle many cases a day. Don't shy in front of the sex therapist. Now we will discuss some common reasons why you should see a sex therapist. Here are the reasons, brought to you by the Best Sexologist Doctor in Noida.
1. Different Libidos
It is very common for a couple to have mismatched drives. The problems can badly affect your relationship, as both the partners feel forced or pressured into having sex and feel that their needs are being ignored. Situations like this can put your relationship in a problem. If one partner wants all time and the other wants it sometimes, then it is the matter of concern, which can be treated with the help of sex therapy.
2. Unresolved intimate issues
Couples often can't resolve their intimate issues due to hurt, anger, anxiety, accusations, fighting, etc. Anxiety is one of the most common issues, which is putting a damper on your sex life and you are unable to deal with it. In order to resolve these issues, you need to consult a sex therapist and they will teach you to solve your intimate issues on your own. After getting the sex therapy, you can see the visible change in your sexual life.
3. Painful sex
A lot of women experience pain during sex due to lack of lubrication and arousal. For a woman, intercourse simply hurt and makes it uncomfortable. This makes it difficult to have a satisfied penetrative sex. To get rid of this issue, you need to see the sex therapist. They will help you to explore your sense of pleasure and pain. You will also go through some medical checks to know the root cause of the problem.
4. Ejaculating too soon
Ejaculating soon is not a problem until it continues regularly and making it difficult to maintain a satisfying sex life. It can sometimes be caused by feeling anxious or not feeling fully focused on the sexual intercourse. Sex therapy is the safe and effective formula, which can really help by taking you through a series of exercises to last longer in bed.

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